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Credit Cards Now Accepted

Credit Cards Now Accepted

Latest Information on New Pallets and other products

New pallets and packaging products are constantly being introduced into our range and often the website information regretably will not be up to date.

A new unique Bulk Bag Plastic Pallet system

A specialised product to facilitate stable maximised storage and transport of Bulk Bags. The full containers can be stacked 4 high.

For more information view Big Bag Container

A Big Bag in the holder with a lid

New Multi - Use Budget Price Plastic Pallet

Reuseable Plastic Pallet

A new design of plastic pallet in both 1200 x 1000 Standard size and Euro Size 1200 x 800 .

The pallet is design for reuse and for multi-applications.

New website launched featuring environmental outdoor recycled plastic products

To view a range of outdoor recycled products including : paths, benches, planters, plastic grid car parking, noise protection products. At the moment not all the products are featured, others included flood protection materials and electrical cabling conduits.

New Reusable High Performance Nestable Twin Sheet Plastic Pallets

Nestable Twin Sheet Plastic Pallets

High performance pallets with high impact resistance. They benefit from the space saving and safe stacking ability of nestable pallets.

They provide the customer with a reusable pallet at LOW COST.

Sizes: 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 800

New Lightweight Plastic Pallets

New lightweight nestable plastic pallets for export and one way applications are now available.

The pallets have optional clip on runners, for conveyor systems and other applications.

Sizes: 1200 x 1000 and 1200 x 800

1200 x 800 Lightweight Nestable Plastic Pallet

New Pallets - including Wooden and Presswood

A new and expanding range of Plastic Pallets, Wooden Pallets and Presswood Pallets. Please ring for up to date information
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