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Plastic Mini Mover Pallets

Mini mover pallets are uniquely designed, and manufactured in polypropylene.

Their use with an appropriate sack barrow (sack truck) reduces the double handling of heavy and awkward loads, such as boxes, pot plants, cartons, drums and equipment.

By reducing handling and providing a safer way to move items, mini pallets can reduce the risk of breakages.

They can benefit employees and employers in a wide range of work environments, including: offices, print rooms, store rooms, garden centres, warehouses and factories.

Using mini mover pallets to store and move items can reduce lifting, twisting and bending of the back and therefore offers benefits to staff health and safety. Back Injuries are one of the most common risks faced by employees and are a common cause of staff absenteeism.

Storage on mini pallets raises the products above ground level and reduces the effects of liquid spills and damp floors.

Plastic Mini pallets are easy to clean and very durable.

A mini pallet and sack barrow
Safely moving boxes using a mini pallet and sack barrow
Safely moving a potted plant with a mini pallet and sack barrow

Wooden Mover Pallets !

Mover pallets are now available, made to customers exact size requirements in wood.

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