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Plastic Matting, Plastic Flooring & Plastic Grid Parking

A range Industrial Plastic Matting to suit specialist applications , where your priorities may include: slip resistance, anti-fatigue, soil removal, liquid drainage, hygiene and durability.

The type of flooring recommended also depends on other requirements such as: component protection, chemical & oil resistance, noise absorbence & aesthetics.

Plastic car park grid blocks for outdoor use for driveways paths and car standing.

Plastic matting rolls

Industrial Slip Resistant Matting

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Matting

Barefoot Sports & Leisure Matting

Below is an image of a small section of anti-slip flooring: Below is an image of a small section of anti-fatigue flooring: Below is an image of a small section of anti-slip flooring:
Slip resistant flooring swatch
Anti-fatigue flooring swatch
Hygienic barefoot matting swatch

Comfortable and slip resistant industrial and marine matting of resilient open grid, welded construction.

It is resistant to oils and chemicals. Liquid spills drain away.

The natural "spring" in the matting reduces employee fatigue.

Hard wearing, long lasting high molecular density patented foam matting.

Long lasting "bounce" properties induce muscle flexing and therefore reduce employee fatigue.

Self draining flexible PVC grid matting with embossed surface offering excellent slip resistance.

Large volumes of water easily drain away. Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal additives maximise hygiene.

Easily cut to shape and installed, with connecting strips and sloped edging strips available.

Matting suitable for changing rooms and swimming pool surrounds.

Plastic Grid Block Matting for Car Parking

plastic car parking surface

Grid blocks are manufactured from recycled plastic.

When laid on a prepared surface together they create a hard wearing, stabilised and attractive surface for driveways, pathways and carparks.

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