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Credit Cards Now Accepted

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are made to the customers needs and the type of pallet recommended depends on the application; eg export and ISPM 15 requirements, the weight and type of product the pallet is supporting, the need for 2 way or 4 way fork entry etc.

Heat treated pallets for export have the Forrestry Commision Logo, the treatment stamp and Registration number.

Finnishing options include; Pallet runners (stringers) chamfered or notched to ease fork entry, customer logo branded, kiln treated at different temperatures to reduce moisture and pallet weight.

Hygienic Pallets

Keg Pallets

Licenced CP Pallets

Made from high quality planed boards heat treated to reduce the moisture content.> Specially customised for vertical or horizontal packaging of kegs. A full range of licenced CP pallets for the Chemical and other industries.
Hygienic Pallet
Keg Pallet
Chemical Pallet

Heat Treated Export Pallets

Presswood Pallets

Dussledorfer Pallets

IPSM15 compliant made according to your specification. Full range of presswood pallets. Traditional Dusseldorfer pallets.
Heat Treated Export Pallet
Presswood Pallet
Dusseldorfer Pallet

Lightweight Pallets

Customised Pallets

Low cost pallets deisgned for low cost applications Designed for your specific needs.
Lightweight Pallet
Customised Pallet
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